Feel like quitting your online business? Read this. - themindmaven.com

Feel like quitting your online business? Read this.

  1. Kristin Michelle says:

    Hi Cora-Lynn! This email is so powerful and really spoke to me. I have been having the exact feelings lately — SO sick of working my ass off for mediocre salary with very little allowed time off…I literally feel like a slave to my employer and the massive student debt I accumulated only to be in this frustrating and very discouraging situation. I started trying to figure out how I could start my own business about 2 years ago and faithfully followed you and your previous partner mentioned above (among many others) and spent literally thousands on courses, but could never nail down an idea/service to really get behind, believe in, and put into motion. Thank you for re-igniting that fire! I appreciate you openly sharing your story and am excited about what 2020 has in store or us both ;-). Kristin Michelle

  2. Kerst says:

    Hi CL! I signed up for the freebies but can’t access them or are they available when I get accepted in the FB group? thanks in advance xo

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